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Numbers have been drawn for 2nd-largest jackpot in Powerball history

The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing was an estimated $700 million, the second-largest jackpot in Powerball history!

The winning numbers are 6, 7, 16, 23 and 26, and the Powerball number is 4.

The jackpot began rolling June 14 and has rolled 20 times.

Although there were no jackpot winners in Saturday’s Powerball drawing, four winning tickets worth $50,000 were sold in Georgia.

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According to the Powerball website, winning tickets were also sold in South Carolina and Tennessee won a $2 million prize, while $1 million winning tickets were sold in California, Florida, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Powerball offers two jackpot payment options. You can take the $700 million jackpot prize paid over 29 years in 30 graduated payments, or the cash option, which is approximately $443.3 million.

Powerball tickets are $2 per play.


Draw Date: Wednesday

Estimated Jackpot Amount: $700 million

Annuity Amount: Jackpot prize paid over 29 years in 30 graduated payments

Cash Option Amount: Approximately $443.3 million

Cost to Play: $2 per play; an additional $1 per play to add the Power Play multiplier

Drawings: 11 p.m. 

Overall Odds of Winning Any Prize: Approximately 1:24.87

Odds of Winning Jackpot Prize: Approximately 1:292 million

Date Jackpot Began Rolling: June 14

Number of Rolls: 20

Last Winning Jackpot Ticket: June 10 ($447.8M – California)

#1 Powerball Jackpot: Jan. 13, 2016 – $1.586 billion jackpot (Calif.; Fla.; and Tenn.)

Tattoo parlor offers to remove gang and hate-related tattoos at no charge

The Parlour Hair and Ink in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, is hosting an event to cover up any gang or hate-related tattoos for free.

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Store owner Jamy Magee said individual political beliefs don't matter to them and they will help anyone with their heart in the right place.

"I think this is a great way to move forward. We can help cover up the past and have them walk out of here with the past in the past," Magee said.

The tattoo removal is scheduled to start at noon on Sept. 12. They will operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Food and water will be available to those waiting in line.

15-month-old girl found dead in hot car in Ohio, parents being interviewed by police

An autopsy is planned Thursday for a 15-month-old girl found dead in the back seat of her mother's car, which was in the employee parking lot of the Procter & Gamble Mason Business Center in Mason, Ohio. 

“She was left unattended in the car by an employee who worked there,” Doyle Burke, Warren County Coroner’s Office investigator, said at an impromptu news conference outside the coroner’s office in Lebanon, Ohio, Wednesday.

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The child’s body has been taken to the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office, which is contracted to handle some death investigations for Warren County. 

The mother is a P&G employee, Burke said, but he doesn't know what her job is. He also said he has had no contact with the woman, so he has no information as to her age, where the family lives or whether the baby had siblings. He said Mason police, who are conducting that part of the investigation, were interviewing the parents Wednesday night. 

According to Mason police, officers and sheriff's deputies were called to the employee parking lot at 4:59 p.m. on a report of a medical emergency. The officers and Mason Emergency Medical Service were directed to a vehicle where the 15-month-old girl was deceased in a car seat. 

Burke said it appears that the child may have been left in the car all day, “roughly 7:30, 8 a.m. until the dispatch at 5 p.m. The mother of the little girl called 911 upon the discovery.”

Burke said it was way too early in the investigation to reach any determination about why the child was left in the car.

Mason police will deal with that and other issues, he said, including whether there are surveillance cameras in the parking lot or whether P&G security officers make routine checks of vehicles. 

“On appearances, certainly the child left in the car, even though it wasn’t sweltering hot today, it’s obviously going to be hotter in the car,” Burke said. “Certainly, a 15-month-old is more susceptible to something like this than an adult. So, that’s the theory we're working under.”

According to the National Weather Service in Wilmington, the temperature in the Warren County region was near 80 degrees.

Burke said he could not recall working a case in Warren County involving the death of a child in a hot car. 

“It’s preventable,” he said. "It’s just tragic.”

Brazen liquor thief caught on camera

Police are looking for a suspect who stole at least nine bottles of liquor Friday from a Thrifty Liquor in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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An unidentified woman can be seen on surveillance video hiding bottles in her purse and under her clothes.

"She's just loading liquor up like she's stockpiling this liquor. I think she paid for one bottle of liquor but she is definitely a thief in the liquor department," Jim Taliaferro with Crime Stoppers told KTAL.

Anyone with information leading to her arrest will receive 300 dollars from Crime Stoppers. They can be reached at 318-673-7373.

Pigs Saved From Fire End Up as Dinner at Fire Station

Pigs Saved From Fire End Up as Dinner at Fire Station

Largest asteroid ever tracked may be visible with binoculars as it passes close to Earth

It will be hard to beat Monday’s eclipse, but if you’re now hooked on stargazing, a huge asteroid will appear as a slow-moving star as it passes by Earth in the next couple of weeks.

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Asteroid 3122 Florence is the largest asteroid to pass this close to Earth since the first near-Earth asteroid was discovered over a century ago, according to Paul Chodas at the Center for Near Earth Object Studies.

Florence poses no danger to Earth as it flies past Sept. 1. Even at its closest, it will remain a safe 4.4 million miles from the planet. Still, it’s the closest the asteroid has been to Earth since 1890.

“As it approaches in late August and early September, it is expected to brighten to 9th magnitude, making it easily visible, even using a small telescope,” Chodas said.

Eddie Irizarry, a NASA solar system ambassador, said binoculars in ideal conditions with little light pollution may also be able to spot the space rock, which is 2.7 miles in size.

The asteroid was discovered in March 1981, and is classified as “potentially hazardous” by the Minor Planet Center. 

While the closest approach will be Sept. 1, you can start looking for the asteroid a few nights before. On Aug. 27, 3122 Florence will be in the constellation Piscis Austrinus reaching about 19 degrees above the southern horizon, according to Irizarry.

“Although asteroid Florence is traveling at 30,266 miles per hour (48,708 km/h), the distance will make it appear so slow that observers should keep watching the fairly bright asteroid for about 5 to 10 minutes to detect its movement across the stars,” he said.

Asteroid Florence is named after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing.

Police - FedEx Truck Truck Delivers Marijuana to Oklahoma Home During Drug Bust

Police - FedEx Truck Truck Delivers Marijuana to Oklahoma Home During Drug Bust

Catholic Priest Reveals Past Ku Klux Klan Membership 'My Actions Were Despicable'

Catholic Priest Reveals Past Ku Klux Klan Membership 'My Actions Were Despicable'

Officer pulls over a 13-year-old driving car, discovers 25 pounds of meth

A 13-year-old was pulled over by police and the officer discovered he was driving 25 pounds of methamphetamine on the interstate.

The Denver Post reported that the deputy is a member of the Western Colorado Drug Task Force. 

The teen was traveling with German Michel-Arreola, 22, and Irene Michel-Arreola, 19, near Fruita, Colorado, according to KCNCKDVR reported that they are all from Los Angeles.

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The group consented to a search of the vehicle, which is how officers came across the drugs, which were distributed in 23 packages.

Citing a news release, The Denver Post said the packages had “a crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine.”

All three individuals were charged with felony manufacturing, possession and distribution with intent to sell.

On top of the drug charges, the 13-year-old is also charged with driving without a license and failure to drive in a designated lane. He is being held at Grand Mesa Youth Services Center in Grand Junction, Colorado.

German Michel-Arreola and Irene Michel-Arreola are being held in the Mesa County Detention Facility in Grand Junction, Colorado. Each has a $75,000 bond.

One of R. Kelly’s alleged ‘cult’ victims violated her nondisclosure agreement to speak out

In July, R. Kelly was accused of keeping women against their will and forcing them to follow every one of his rules or face physical punishment. On Tuesday, one of his alleged victims spoke out to BuzzFeed News. Few of the women who were in the “cult” have come forward because they reportedly signed nondisclosure agreements in exchange for settlement money, but 24-year-old Jerhonda Pace has decided to crack everything wide open.

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Now married with children, Pace opened up to Buzzfeed News about living with Kelly in 2009 when she was 15 years old and was Jerhonda Johnson. She said she was a big fan of the singer and went to the courthouse daily in 2008 as Kelly stood trial for allegedly producing child pornography, saying she wanted to know what happened.

Pace said she skipped school to attend the trial and defended Kelly after he was found not guilty. She said she lied about her age when speaking to reporters, saying that she was 18 because Cook County sheriff’s officers did not allow anyone under 18 into the trial.

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In 2009, Pace said a friend and employee of Kelly friended her on MySpace and invited her to a party at Kelly’s mansion in Illinois. She began spending weekends with him. The relationship eventually turned sexual and she said that he often had her dress up like a schoolgirl and wear her hair in pigtails.

Pace said that she was forced to follow strict rules, “which included dressing in baggy clothes, turning over her phone, and asking permission to shower, eat, go to the bathroom, and leave the property. If she broke the rules, she says, she was mentally and physically abused,” BuzzFeed News reported.

Pace eventually ended her relationship with Kelly in January 2010. She sued him, but then decided to settle.

“If I was to get criminal charges, it would probably be like it was last time, where he wouldn’t get convicted,” she told BuzzFeed News. Kelly settled with her out of court in 2010 and asked her to sign a nondisclosure agreement in exchange for the large sum of money. She said she has only been paid part of the settlement money. Pace said later on she signed a new settlement agreement with Kelly. She was paid as recently as July 2015.

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Kelly has routinely denied any allegations of sexual abuse. The singer’s represenatives issued a statement Tuesday denying Pace’s claims, saying, “The allegations against Mr. Kelly are false, and are being made by individuals known to be dishonest. It is clear these continuing stories are the result of the effort of those with personal agendas who are working in concert to interfere with and damage his career. Mr. Kelly again denies any and all wrong doing and is taking appropriate legal action to protect himself from ongoing defamation.”

Pace said she is speaking out for the other women she claims are still living with Kelly. She is considering pressing criminal charges against him.

“If I can speak out and I can help them get out of that situation, that’s what I will do,” Pace said. “I didn’t have anybody to speak up on my behalf when I was going through what I was going through with him.”

“I know speaking out against Kelly, Kelly could sue me,” she said. “But I’m really not worried about it anymore.”

Read more at BuzzFeed News.

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