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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 'I will do this job as long as I can do it'

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told an audience in Washington, D.C. on Thursday that she will keep her position on the nation's highest court for as long as she's able to do her job.

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"I will do this job as long as I can do it full speed, and when I can't, that'll be the time I will step down," the 83-year-old associate justice said during an appearance at George Washington University, Bloomberg Politics reported.

Ginsburg, who has served on the Supreme Court since 1993, is the oldest judge on the bench. She was nominated by then-President Bill Clinton and is widely regarded as a liberal voice in the courtroom. Her age has fueled fears that she might retire in the coming years, however, which would provide an avenue to reshape the court into a more conservative body.

"At my age, you have to take it year by year," Ginsburg said in an interview Thursday on BBC's "Newsnight." "I'm hopeful, however, because my most senior colleague, the one who most recently retired, Justice John Paul Stevens, stepped down at age 90. So I have a way to go."

Ginsburg was careful not to talk about President Donald Trump during the interview. She was criticized last year after calling Trump a "faker," and she later said she regretted the comment.

She told "Newsnight" that America is "not experiencing the best of times" but, she said, she remains optimistic.

"A great man once said that the true symbol of the United States is not the bald eagle. It is the pendulum. And when the pendulum swings too far in one direction, it will go back," she said. "Some terrible things have happened in the United States but one can only hope that we learn from those bad things."

14 fast facts about giraffes

April the giraffe may be welcoming her new calf with partner Oliver at any time now.

The mammal at the Animal Adventure Park in New York has had viewers on high alert for over 24 hours.

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While we wait for the new calf, here are some facts on giraffes:

  1. Calves are 6 feet tall when they are born.

  2. Male giraffes, such as April's partner, Oliver, may grow up to 18 feet tall.

  3. Female giraffes such as mother April, reach up to 14 feet in height.

  4. Giraffes only eat plants and use their long tongues to get leaves from trees.

  5. Their tongues are 21 inches long.

  6. A favorite food of giraffes come from the acacia tree.

  7. The necks of giraffes are shorter than their legs.

  8. Giraffes only need to drink once every few days, but if water is readily available they may drink more often.

  9. A giraffe pregnancy lasts about 15 months.

  10. Newborn calves fall about 5 feet to the ground upon birth.

  11. Within about 30 minutes of being born, calves are able to walk around. Within 10 hours, they can run with their mother.

  12. All giraffes have unique patterns; none are exactly alike.

  13. Both male and female giraffes have horns, which are actually ossicones that are made of cartilage and covered by skin.

  14. Giraffes have a lifespan of 25 years in the wild and can live longer in captivity.

Rory McIlroy: Golf with Trump wasn’t ‘endorsement nor a political statement’

Golfer Rory McIlroy apparently has been taking some heat for teeing up with President Donald Trump last weekend at Trump International Golf Club.

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McIlroy, currently the PGA Tour’s third-ranked player in the world, issued a statement on Twitter this afternoon that suggests he’s been “called a fascist and a bigot” for hitting the links with Trump.

McIlroy is a native of Northern Ireland who has a home in Palm Beach Gardens. He told The Palm Beach Post last year he wasn’t enthusiastic about the 2016 presidential field.

Today, McIlroy told his more than 3 million Twitter followers that playing with Trump “wasn’t an endorsement nor a political statement of any kind. It was, quite simply, a round of golf.”

Here’s McIlroy’s entire statement:

“I don’t agree with everything my friends or family say or do, but I still play golf with them. Last week, I was invited to play golf with the President of the United States. Whether you respect the person who holds that position or not, you respect the office that he holds. This wasn’t an endorsement nor a political statement of any kind. It was, quite simply, a round of golf. Golf was our common ground, nothing else. I’ve travelled all over the world and have been fortunate enough to befriend people from many different countries, beliefs and cultures. To be called a fascist and a bigot by some people because I spent time in someone’s company is just ridiculous. I hope, to some degree, this clarifies my decision to accept the invitation that was extended to me. Thanks to everyone for your continued support and I look forward to making my comeback in Mexico next week.”— Rory McIlroy (@McIlroyRory) February 24, 2017

‘Get out of my country,’ white man screams before gunning down Indian bar patrons, witnesses say

A Kansas man accused of killing an Indian man and wounding two others in a shooting in a bar screamed for them to “get out of (his) country” before opening fire, witnesses said.

Adam W. Purinton, 51, of Olathe, is charged with one count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder in connection with the Wednesday night shooting at Austins Bar & Grill in Olathe. Two of the men who were shot are Indian nationals and the third is a local resident.

Witnesses told the Kansas City Star that Purinton was drinking and hurling racial slurs at Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, and Alok Madasani, 32, before he was kicked out of the bar. The bar was packed at the time with patrons watching the Kansas-TCU basketball game on television.

Purinton returned a short time later with a gun, authorities said.

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At least one witness heard him scream for the men to leave the country before he opened fire, the Star reported. The third man who was injured, Ian Grillot, 24, also of Olathe, was shot when he intervened, police said.

Kuchibhotla died a short time later at a hospital. Madasani was treated for his injuries and was released on Thursday.

#SrinivasKuchibhotla, 32, is dead after a man shot at him and another Indian engineer in a bar in Kansas on Wednesday...Posted by Koritha Mitchell on Friday, February 24, 2017

Grillot, who remained hospitalized, spoke Thursday about the shooting in a video released by the University of Kansas Health System. From his hospital bed, he recalled hiding under a table when the gunman initially began shooting.

After hearing what sounded like nine shots, he thought the magazine of Purinton’s gun was empty, he said.

“I got up and proceeded to chase him down, try to subdue him so the police could come in and do what they needed to do,” Grillot said. “I guess I miscounted, with everything going on. I got behind him and he turned around and fired a round at me.”

The bullet went through his hand and into his chest, where it fractured a bone in his neck and barely missed his carotid artery, Grillot said.

“It could be better, but it could be a lot worse,” he said. “I’m grateful to be alive. Another half-inch and I could be dead or never walk again.”  

Grillot was praised by many for stepping in to stop the gunman. 

I commend Ian Grillot and the other Kansans in the restaurant for coming to the aid of Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok...Posted by Senator Pat Roberts on Friday, February 24, 2017

Grillot shrugged off suggestions that he is a hero.

“I was just doing what anyone should have done for another human being,” Grillot said, a tear falling down his cheek. “It’s not about where he’s from or his ethnicity. We’re all humans. I did what was naturally right to do.”

He said he and Madasani, whose wife is five months pregnant, have spoken and become friends since the shooting.

“I’m just very grateful that one of the gentlemen is fine and alive,” Grillot said. “It’s terrible what happened to his friend. But I think he was watching over us last night, making sure that we made it through it all right.”

Purinton, a Navy veteran, former pilot and air traffic controller, fled the bar on foot, the Star reported. About five hours later, he told the bartender at a Clinton, Missouri, Applebee’s that he needed a place to hide because he’d killed two Middle Eastern men.

The bartender called police and Purinton was arrested without incident, the Star reported. He was being held in the Henry County Jail in lieu of $2 million bond.

‘The kindest person you would meet’

Kuchibhotla and Madasani, who both lived in Overland Park, worked together as engineers on the aviation systems engineering team at Garmin Ltd., which has its headquarters in Olathe.

Garmin on Friday posted a photo on its Facebook page that showed the flags outside its headquarters lowered to honor the men. In a public statement, the company said it is devastated by the tragedy that killed Kuchibhotla and injured Madasani and Grillot.

“Srinivas was a valued member of our engineering team and will be greatly missed,” the statement read. “We are working closely with Srinivas' and Alok’s families and appreciate the outpouring of support for them. As we grieve this tragedy as a community, our thoughts and prayers are with all involved.”

We’re devastated by the senseless tragedy that took the life of one of our associates and friends, Srinivas Kuchibhotla,...Posted by Garmin on Friday, February 24, 2017

Brandon Blum, the owner of Austins Bar & Grill, also offered sympathy to the victims and their families in a statement posted on the bar’s website.

“We are so sorry that this happened on our premises,” Blum wrote. “We have never experienced any sort of tragedy like this in our 30 years. For all of our loyal friends and patrons, we want to thank you for your ongoing support.

“We will be working diligently, doing anything we can to support and help the parties that were involved.”

Blum wrote that the bar would remain closed until Saturday to allow staff and patrons time to process what happened.

GoFundMe pages have been set up to help Kuchibhotla’s widow and parents, as well as to help Madasani and Grillot with medical expenses. The page for Kuchibhotla said the funds would go toward funeral expenses and the expenses of sending his body back to India “so his parents can say goodbye one last time to their beloved son.”

“Srini was the kindest person you would meet, full of love, care and compassion for everyone,” the page read. “He never uttered a word of hatred, a simple gossip or a careless comment. He was brilliant, well-mannered and simply an outstanding human being.”

As of Friday afternoon, the page had raised more than $400,000.

The second fundraising page aimed at helping Kuchibhotla and Madasani was started by a stranger. Brian Ford of Shawnee, Kansas, wrote on the page that he was motivated to help when he learned of the shooting. He said he has a friend who worked with both men at Garmin.

“Let's send a message that we will support those who are targeted -- and stand against all who wish to spread hate -- by raising funds to help the victims of this horrendous act of senseless violence,” Ford wrote.

That page had raised nearly $60,000 as of Friday. The GoFundMe page set up to help Grillot with his medical bills had nearly reached its $200,000 goal.

Police officials on Thursday declined to say whether the shooting might be considered a hate crime. Local officials were investigating the case with assistance from the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The Kansas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations called for state and federal hate crime charges to be brought against Purinton, the Star reported. Hate crime charges would “send a strong message that violence targeting religious or ethnic minorities will not be tolerated,” said Moussa Elbayoumy, chapter chairman.

CNN, New York Times barred from White House press briefing

Several news organizations were barred Friday from attending a White House press briefing, including CNN, The New York Times, Politico and The Hill.

The Hill reported that the blocked organizations also included the Los Angeles Times, BuzzFeed News, the Daily Mail, BBC News and the New York Daily News.

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White House press secretary Sean Spicer decided against holding a traditional press briefing on Friday afternoon in favor of a smaller question-and-answer session known as a "gaggle," according to The Hill.

Scene in the White House briefing room as reporters got turned away from the gaggle in Spicer's office.— Katherine Faulders (@KFaulders) February 24, 2017

Spicer allowed several conservative-leaning news outlets to attend the gaggle, along with the major television news networks. Among the groups granted entry to the question-and-answer session were Breitbart News, the One America News Network and the Washington Times, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Breitbart, OANN, Washington Times are all in White House briefing. CNN and NY Times (and LA Times) not allowed in.— Noah Bierman (@Noahbierman) February 24, 2017

Also included were reporters from major television networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, and national wire services like Reuters and Bloomberg, The Hill reported. The Associated Press and Time were allowed in but boycotted it "because of the way it was handled," BuzzFeed reported.

AP and Time boycotted the gaggle today because of the way it was handled.— Adrian Carrasquillo (@Carrasquillo) February 24, 2017

During a panel discussion last December, Spicer said that open access for the media is "what makes a democracy a democracy versus a dictatorship."

From December, Sean Spicer on press access says "that's what makes a democracy a democracy vs. a dictatorship."— CSPAN (@cspan) February 24, 2017

In a statement, White House Correspondents' Association president Jeff Mason condemned the decision to include some organizations while excluding others.

"The WHCA Board is protesting strongly against how today's gaggle is being handled by the White House," Mason said. "The board will be discussing this further with White House staff."

CNN called the decision "unacceptable" in a statement and blamed the administration's anger over recent news stories for the situation.

"Apparently, this is how they retaliate when you report facts they don't like," the statement said. "We'll keep reporting regardless."

News organizations were blocked from the gaggle just hours after President Donald Trump took to the stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference and denounced what he deemed to be irresponsible news reporting.

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"We are fighting the fake news. It's fake. Phony. Fake," he said. "A few days ago I called the fake news the enemy of the people, and they are. They are the enemy of the people. … They make up sources. They're very dishonest people."

The Associated Press contributed to this report

Students fall ill at N.C. middle school for second straight day

Emergency crews were called to a middle school in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Friday afternoon, just a day after a dozen students fell ill on campus.

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Officials with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools said symptoms reported at McClintock Middle School on Friday included nausea and vomiting along with dizziness and lightheadedness.

Twenty-three students and an adult were sickened, fire officials said. The students were released to their parents.

A mother leaving the school told WSOCTV that her child was sick for a second day in a row. She picked her up to take her to the doctors.

UPDATE @wsoctv 4 ambulances and Medic multi-patient bus at McClintock Middle where students were reported sick yesterday. CMPD also on scene— Blaine Tolison (@BTolisonWSOC9) February 24, 2017

Another mother said she saw a teacher at the school who was sick, in addition to several children.

Paramedics responded Thursday afternoon to the middle school after 12 students reported feeling dizzy and lightheaded, school officials said.

WSOCTV was at the school Thursday and witnessed one student drop to the ground as he was led to an ambulance, while another student was taken on a stretcher.

A message was sent to parents after Thursday's incident that said the illness appeared to be heat-related, but school officials couldn't be sure.

Crocodile spotted with dog in its mouth in Florida neighborhood

A viral video of a crocodile with a dog in its mouth is serving as a warning to neighborhoods in South Florida.

Coral Gables resident Christopher Carey posted the disturbing video to Facebook after the crocodile snatched the animal and dragged it underwater in a backyard marina , WTVJ reported. 

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It was the second dog to be attacked by a crocodile in the last few weeks, residents said. But Caution signs are posted throughout the neighborhood informing them about the crocodiles. 

"It's only a matter of time before they take a kid," a resident told WTVJ. 

Alligators and crocodiles are a threat to unsupervised dogs and children. The reptiles lurk in backyards, golf courses and national parks

Washington state gears up for battle over legal pot

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is ready to defend the will of his state's voters after White House press secretary Sean Spicer suggested Thursday that President Donald Trump's administration may crack down on states with legalized marijuana for recreational use.

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In his daily news briefing, Spicer said the Justice Department will step up enforcement of federal law against recreational marijuana.

Ferguson, who also led states in challenging Trump's executive order on immigration, noted in a statement that he and Gov. Jay Inslee, both Democrats, previously were prepared to defend the state's legal marijuana system.

Letter to AG Sessions:— WA Attorney General (@AGOWA) February 23, 2017

Ferguson and Inslee sent a letter last week to new Attorney General Jeff Sessions to request a meeting on the topic. 

>> Read the full letter

Washington state voters legalized marijuana nearly four years ago.

When it passed, the U.S. Attorney General's Office promised to take a hands-off attitude, as long people in Washington State kept it away from children and kept locally grown marijuana from crossing state lines. Under a new attorney general that could change, as selling it still remains a crime under federal law.

Enforcement would shift away from marijuana policy under the Obama administration, which said in a 2013 memo that it would not intervene in state's marijuana laws as long as they keep the drug from crossing state lines and away from children and drug cartels.

The Justice Department has several options available should it decide to enforce the law, including filing lawsuits on the grounds that state laws regulating pot are unconstitutional because they are pre-empted by federal law.

During a Seattle panel about presidential power in modern politics in early February, criminal law expert and University of Washington professor Trevor Gardner explained that he believes tackling local marijuana laws will be difficult for the federal government.

Here is some of his reasoning:

  • The federal government does not have ability to direct state and local police
  • Of 1.2 million law enforcement agents, only 80,000 are operating at federal level, which means in order for federal government to broadly enforce marijuana prohibition it needs to cooperation of state and local police. The DOJ prosecutes after arrests have been made by state and local police. 
  • In the event Sessions does not have that cooperation, it will be difficult for them to prosecute and enforce the marijuana prohibition broadly in decriminalization states.         

Eight states and Washington, D.C., have legalized marijuana for recreational use. Twenty-one states have decriminalized marijuana. This means certain small, personal-consumption amounts are a civil or local infraction, not a state crime.

"(Sessions has) taken the Obama administration to task by name and mentioned Obama, attorney generals -- Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder -- as well as FBI director James Comey saying they have all (failed) to enforce federal marijuana prohibition in criminal decriminalization states," Gardner said.

"I do think the federal government, the Department of Justice, and Jeff Sessions are going to be very aggressive about prosecuting marijuana production, distribution, and decriminalization states … This is not going to be an easy task for the government."

Before his confirmation for U.S. attorney general, Sessions openly said during a Senate drug hearing last year that "good people don't smoke marijuana" claiming the drug is dangerous. According to the Washington Post, Sessions' former colleagues testified years ago that he used the N-word and joked about the Ku Klux Klan, saying he thought they were "okay, until he learned that they smoked marijuana." Sessions denied the accusations.

Thursday's announcement is the Trump administration's strongest indication to date of a looming crackdown on the drug, even as a solid majority of Americans believe it should be legal.

Spicer said during the news conference on Thursday that Trump "understands the pain and suffering that many people go through who are facing especially terminal diseases, and the comfort that some of these drugs, including medical marijuana, can bring to them."

But according to Spicer, medical marijuana use is "very different than recreational use, which is something the Department of Justice will be further looking into."

He offered no details about what such enforcement would entail.

Washington's recreational marijuana sales passed the $1.1 billion mark with sales tax revenue reaching $410 million in 2016.

Man makes up kidnapping to make police ‘work harder’ to find stolen car, cops say

A Philadelphia man is accused of making up a story of a small child being abducted so police would respond faster to his car being stolen.

Marcus Fletcher, 22, is charged with making a false report to police, according to WPVI-TV in Philadelphia.

Police told the news station that Fletcher was working Monday night as a pizza delivery driver when he reported being robbed. reported that Fletcher’s wallet, cellphone and cash were taken, along with his 1995 Ford Escort.

When Fletcher called police, he told them that his 4-year-old nephew was in the car when it was stolen.

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Officers found the car a short time later after an intense search, WPVI-TV reported. After it was found, Fletcher gave inconsistent statements about the robbery and was vague about the child’s identity.

He finally admitted that he lied about the boy being in the car because he’d been robbed before and was not happy with the police response in that case, authorities said.

“Therefore he made up the aforementioned story to watch the police work harder,” police said, according to

The robbery remains under investigation. 

Full Transcript: Read Donald Trump's remarks at CPAC

President Donald Trump addressed the annual Conservative Political Action Conference Friday.

Here's a transcript of his remarks.

"Great to be back at CPAC. It's a place I have really — I love this place. I love you people. So thank you very much. First of all, I want to thank Matt Schlapp and his very, very incredible wife and boss, Mercedes, who have been fantastic friends and supporters and so great when I watch them on television defending me; nobody has a chance. So I want to thank Matt and Mercedes.

When Matt called and asked, I said absolutely I'll be there with you.

The real reason I said it, I didn't want him to go against me, so I said absolutely. And it really is an honor to be here. I wouldn't miss a chance to talk to my friends. These are my friends. And we'll see you again next year and the year after that. And I'll be doing this with CPAC whenever I can, and I'll make sure that we're here a lot.

If you remember, my first major speech — sit down, everybody, come on.

You know, the dishonest media, they'll say he didn't get a standing ovation. You know why? No, you know why? Because everybody stood and nobody sat. So they'll say he never got a standing ovation, right?

They are the worst.

So sit down. Donald Trump did not get a standing ovation. They leave out the part they never sat down. They leave that out. So I just want to thank you.

But you know, my first major speech was at CPAC, probably five or six years ago. First major political speech, and you were there. And it was — I loved it. I loved the people, I loved the commotion, and then they did these polls where I went through the roof and I wasn't even running, right? But it gave me an idea. And I got a little bit concerned when I saw what was happening in the country, and I said let's go to it. So it was very exciting.

I walked the stage on CPAC; I'll never forget it, really. I had very little notes and even less preparation. So when you have practically no notes and no preparation and then you leave and everybody was thrilled, I said I think I like this business.

I would have come last year, but I was worried that I'd be at that time too controversial. We wanted border security, we wanted very, very strong military. We wanted all of the things that we're going to get, and people consider that controversial, but you didn't consider it controversial. So I've been with CPAC for a long time. All of these years we've been together, and now you finally have a president, finally. Took you a long time. Took you a long time. And it's patriots like you that made it happen, believe me. You did it because you love your country, because you want a better future for your children, and because you want to make America great again.

The media didn't think we would win. The pundits — you're right — they had an idea. The pundits didn’t think we'd win. The consultants that suck up all that money — oh, they suck it up — they're so good. They're not good at politics, but they're really good at sucking up people's money. Especially my opponents’, because I kept them down to a minimum. But the consultants didn't think we would win. But they all underestimated the power of the people, you, and the people proved them totally wrong. This is so true, and this is what's been happening. Never underestimate the people. Never. I don't think it will ever happen again.

And I want you all to know we are fighting the fake news. It's fake. Phony. Fake. A few days ago I called the fake news the enemy of the people, and they are. They are the enemy of the people. Because they have no sources, they just make them up when there are none. I saw one story recently where they said nine people have confirmed. There are no nine people. I don't believe there was one or two people. Nine people. And I said give me a break because I know the people. I know who they talked to. There were no nine people. But they say nine people. And somebody reads it and they say, oh, nine people, they have nine sources. They make up sources.

They're very dishonest people. In fact, in covering my comments, the dishonest media did not explain that I called the fake news the enemy of the people — the fake news. They dropped off the word “fake”. And all of a sudden the story became the media is the enemy. They take the word “fake” out. And now I'm saying, oh, no, this is no good. But that's the way they are. So I'm not against the media, I'm not against the press. I don't mind bad stories if I deserve them, and I tell you, I love good stories, but we won't talk — I don't get too many of them. But I am only against the fake news media or press. Fake. Fake. They have to leave that word.

I'm against the people that make up stories and make up sources. They shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name. Let their name be put out there. Let their name be put out. A source says that Donald Trump is a horrible, horrible human being — let them say it to my face. Let there be no more sources. And remember this, and not in all cases. I mean, I had a story yesterday written about me in Reuters by a very honorable man that was a very fair story. There are some great reporters around, they are talented and honest as the day is long; that is great. But there are some terrible, dishonest people that do a tremendous disservice to our country, and to our people.

They are very dishonest people, and they shouldn't use sources. They should put the name of the person. You will see stories dry up like you've never seen before. You have no idea how bad it is because if you are not part of the story — and I put myself in your position sometimes because many of you, you're not part of the story — and if you're not part of the story, you know, then you sort of know if you are part of the story, you know what they're saying is true or not.

So when they make it up and they make up something else, and you saw that before the election — polls, polls. They come out with some of these polls — and some of them got it right. I must say, Los Angeles Times, shocking, they did a great job. We had a couple of others that were right. Generally speaking, I can tell you the network. Somebody said, "A poll came out." I said what network is it?

And they'll say a certain — let's not even mention names, right? Shall we? Well, you have a lot of them. The Clinton News Network is one. Totally. Take a look, honestly. Take a look at their polls over the last two years. You'd think they'd fire the pollster, right? After years and years of getting battered. I mean, who knows, maybe they're just bad at polling. Or maybe they're not legit. But it's one or the other. Look at how inaccurate. Look at CBS, look at ABC also. Look at NBC.

Take a look at some of these polls. That were so bad, so inaccurate. And what that does is it creates a false narrative. It creates this narrative that it's just like we're not going to win. People say I love Trump but I'm not feeling great today. He can't win, so I won't go and vote. It creates a whole false deal, and we have to fight it, folks. We have to fight it. They're very smart, they're very cunning, and they're very dishonest.

So just to conclude, it's a very sensitive topic, and they get upset when we expose their false stories. They say that we can't criticize their dishonest coverage because of the first amendment. They always bring the First Amendment. I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me. Nobody — who use it is more than I do? But the First Amendment gives all of us — it gives it to me — it gives it to you, it gives it to all Americans the right to speak our minds freely. It gives you the right and me the right to criticize fake news and criticize it strongly.

And many of these groups are part of large media corporations that have their own agenda. And it's not your agenda and it's not the country's agenda, it's their own agenda. They have a professional obligation as members of the press to report honestly, but as you saw throughout the entire campaign and even now, the fake news doesn't tell the truth. Doesn't tell the truth. So just in finishing, I say it doesn't represent the people, it never will represent the people and we're going to do something about it because we have to go out and we have to speak our minds and we have to be honest.

Our victory was a win like nobody has ever seen before. And I'm here fighting for you and I will continue to fight for you. The victory and the win was something that really was dedicated to a country and people that believe in freedom, security and the rule of law. Our victory was a victory and a win for conservative values. And our victory was a win for everyone who believes it's time to stand up for America, to stand up for the American worker and to stand up for the American flag. Yeah, there we should stand up. There we should stand up. And, by the way, we love our flag.

By the way, you folks are in here, the place is packed. There are lines that go back six blocks and I tell you that because you won't read about it, okay? But there are lines that go back six blocks. There is such love in this country for everything we stand for. You saw that on Election Day and you're going to see it more and more. So we're all part of this historic movement, a movement the likes of which the world has never seen before. There's never been anything like this. There's been some movements but there's never been anything like this. There's been some movements that petered out, like Bernie. Petered out. But it was a little rigged against him. Super delegate, Super delegate. She had so many delegates before the thing even started. I actually said to my people how does that happen?

Not that Bernie — but a lot of Bernie people voted for Trump because you know why? He was right about trade. Our country is being absolutely devastated by trade deals so we got a lot of support. So actually I like Bernie.

I'm here to tell you what this means for the future of the Republican party and the future of America. First, we need to define what this great, great unprecedented movement is and what it actually represents.

The core conviction of our movement is that we are a nation that will put its own citizens first.

For too long we've traded away our jobs to other countries, so terrible. We've defended other nations’ borders, while leaving ours wide open — anybody can come in. Oh, we're going to build a wall, don't worry about it. We're building the wall. We're building the wall. In fact, it's going to start soon. Way ahead of schedule. Way ahead of schedule. Way, way, way ahead of schedule.

General Kelly, by the way, has done a fantastic job. Fantastic, the job he's done. And remember, we are getting the bad ones out. These are bad dudes. We're getting the bad ones out. Okay? We're getting the bad — if you watch these people, it like oh, gee, that's so sad. We were getting bad people out of this country. People who shouldn't be, whether it's drugs or murder. We're getting bad ones out. They're the ones that go first. I said it from day one.

Basically all I've done is keep my promise. We've spent trillions overseas while allowing our own infrastructure to fall into total disrepair and decay. In the Middle East we've spent as of four weeks ago $6 trillion. Think of it.

And, by the way, the Middle East is in what — I mean, it's not even close —it's in much worse shape than it was 15 years ago. If our presidents would have gone to the beach for 15 years, we would be in much better shape than we are right now. That I can tell you. Could have been a hell of a lot better. We could have rebuilt our country three times with that money.

This is the situation I inherited. I inherited a mess, believe me.

We also inherited a failed healthcare law that threatens our medical system with absolute and total catastrophe. Now I've been watching and nobody says it but Obamacare doesn't work, folks. I could say, I could talk. And now people are starting to develop a little — but the people that you're watching, they're not you. They're largely, many of them are the side that lost. They lost the election. It's like how many elections do we have to have? They lost the election.

But I always say Obamacare doesn't work and these same people two years ago and a year ago were complaining about Obamacare. And the bottom line, we're changing it. We're going to make it much better, we're going to make it less expensive, we're going to make it much better.

Obamacare covers very few people. And remember, deduct from the number all of the people that had great health care that they loved that was taken away from them. Was taken away from them. Millions of people were very happy with the health care. They had their doctor, they had their plan. Remember the lie? 28 times. You can keep your doctor. You can keep your plan. Over and over and over again you heard it. So we're going to repeal and replace Obamacare.

And I tell Paul Ryan and all of the folks that we're working with very hard, Dr. Tom Price — very talented guy — but I tell them from a purely political standpoint the single best thing we can do is nothing. Let it implode completely. It's already imploding. You see the carriers are all leaving. It's a disaster. But two years, don't do anything. The Democrats will come to us and beg for help. They'll beg. And it's their problem. But it's not the right thing to do for the American people. It's not the right thing to do.

We inherited a national debt that has doubled in eight years. Think of it, $20 trillion. It's doubled. And we inherited a foreign policy marked by one disaster after another. We don't win anymore. When was the last time we won? Did we win a war? Did we win anything? Do we win anything? Do we win anything? We're going to win. We're going to win big, folks. We're going to start winning again. Believe me.

But we're taking a firm, bold and decisive measure, we have to, to turn things around. The era of empty talk is over. It's over. Now is the time for action. So let me tell you about the actions that we're taking right now to deliver on our promise to the American people and on my promise to make America great again.

We've taken swift and strong action to secure the southern border of the United States and begin the construction of a great, great border wall. By doing this and with the help of our great border police, with the help of I.C.E., with the help of General Kelly and all of the people that are so passionate about this. Our border patrol, what they do — they came and endorsed me, I.C.E. came and endorsed me, — they never endorsed a presidential can't before. They might not be allowed to but they were disgusted what they saw.

We'll stop it, we'll stop the drugs from pouring into our nation and poisoning our youth. Pouring in. Pouring in. We get the drugs, they get the money. We get the problems. They get the cash. No good. No good. Going to stop.

By stopping the flow of illegal immigration, we will save countless tax dollars. That's so important because the dollars that we're losing are beyond anything that you can imagine. And the tax dollars that can be used to rebuild struggling American communities, including our inner cities. We are also going to save countless American lives. As we speak today, immigration officers are finding the gang members, the drug dealers and the criminal aliens and throwing them the hell out of our country. And we will not let them back in. They're not coming back in, folks. They do, they're going to have bigger problems than they ever dreamt of.

I'm also working with the Department of Justice to begin reducing violent crime. I mean, can you believe what's happening in Chicago, as an example? Two days ago, seven people were shot. And I believe killed. Seven people. Seven people. Chicago. A great American city. Seven people shot and killed.

We will support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. Thank you and thank them.

I've also followed through on my campaign promise and withdrawn America from the Trans-Pacific Partnership so that we can protect our economic freedom. And we're going to make trade deals, but we're going to do one-on-one — one-on-one — and if they misbehave, we terminate the deal and then they come back and we'll make a better deal. None of these big quagmire deals that are disaster.

Just take a look at NAFTA, one of the worst deals ever made by any country having to do with economic development. It's economic un-development as far as our country is concerned.

We're preparing to repeal and replace the disaster known as Obamacare, we're going to save Americans from this crisis and give them the access to the quality health care they need and deserve.

We have authorized the construction one day of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipeline and issued a new rule — this took place while I was getting ready to sign — I said who makes the pipes from the pipeline? Well, sir, comes from all over the world, isn't that wonderful? I said, nope, comes from the United States or we're not building it. American steel. If they want a pipeline in the United States, they're going to use pipe that's made in the United States. Do we agree?

But can you imagine — I told this story the other day. Can you imagine the gentleman, never met him, don't even know the name of his country — I sort of know it but I want to get it exactly correct.

Big, big company. They spend hundreds of millions on the pipeline. They got their approvals everything in the case of Dakota, then all of a sudden they couldn't connect it because they had people protesting that never showed up before. Before with the Keystone — so they spend hundreds of millions of dollars with blood sucker consultants, sucking the blood out of the company, don't worry, I used them all my life, okay? Don't worry, I'm going to get it approved, I'm connected, I'm a lobbyist, don't worry.

Bottom line, Obama didn't sign it. Could be 42,000 jobs, somewhere around there. Didn't sign it. But can you imagine? He gave up. A year ago, it was dead. Now he's doing nothing, calling his wife, hello, darling, I'm a little bored, you know that pipeline project, that has killed us, that has killed our company. Knock, knock. Mr. So and so. The Keystone pipeline, sir, out of nowhere has just been approved. Can you imagine the expression? You know the sad part?

The same blood sucking consultants that hit him for all the money and failed, they're now going to go back to him and say didn't we do a great job? We want more money. That's the way the system works — a little bit off — but that's the way the system works.

We're preparing bold action to lift the restrictions on American energy, including shale oil, natural gas and beautiful, clean coal and we're going to put our miners back to work. Miners are going back to work. Miners are going back to work, folks. Sorry to tell you that, but they're going back to work. We have begun a historic program to reduce the regulations that are crushing our economy. Crushing.

And not only our economy, crushing our jobs because companies can't hire. We're going to put the regulation industry out of work and out of business. And, by the way, I want regulation. I want to protect our environment, I want regulations for safety, I want all of the regulations that we need and I want them to be so strong and so tough, but we don't need 75 percent of the repetitive regulations that hurt companies, hurt jobs, make us noncompetitive overseas with other companies from other countries, that we don't need. But we're going to have regulation. It's going to be really strong and really good and we're going to protect our environment and we're going to protect the safety of our people and our workers, okay.

Another major promise is tax reform. We are going to massively lower taxes on the middle class, reduce taxes on American business and make our tax code more simple and much more fair for everyone, including the people and the business. In anticipation of these and other changes, jobs are already starting to pour back into our country. You see that.

In fact, I think I did more than any other president. They say President-elect. President-elect is meeting with Ford, he's meeting with Chrysler, he's meeting with general motors. I just wanted to save a little time because Ford and Fiat Chrysler, General Motors, Sprint, Intel and so many others are now because of the election result making major investments in the United States, expanding production and hiring more workers. And they're going back to Michigan and they're going back to Ohio and they're going back to Pennsylvania and they're going back to North Carolina and to Florida.

It's time for all Americans to get off of welfare and get back to work. You're going to love it. You're going to love it. You are going to love it.

We're also putting in a massive budget request for our beloved military. And we will be substantially upgrading all of our military, all of our military, offensive, defensive, everything. Bigger and better and stronger than ever before and hopefully we'll never have to use it but nobody's going to mess with us, folks. Nobody. It will be one of the greatest military buildup in American history. No one will dare question, as they have been, because we're very depleted, very, very depleted sequester. Nobody will question our military might again.

We believe in peace through strength and that's what we will have. As part of my pledge to restore safety for the American people, I have also directed the defense community to develop a plan to totally obliterate ISIS. Working with our allies, we will eradicate this evil from the face of the Earth.

At the same time, we fully understand that national security begins with border security. Foreign terrorists will not be able to strike America if they cannot get into our country. And, by the way, take a look at what's happening in Europe, folks. Take a look at what's happening in Europe. I took a lot of heat on Sweden. And then a day later I said has anybody reported what's going on? And it turned out that they didn't — not too many of them did.

Take a look at what happened in Sweden. I love Sweden. Great country, great people, I love Sweden. They understand I'm right. The people there understand I'm right. Take a look at what's happening in Sweden. Take a look at what's happened in Germany. Take a look at what's happened in France. Take a look at Nice and Paris.

I have a friend, he's a very, very substantial guy, he loves the city of lights. He loves Paris. For years every year during the summer he would go to Paris. It was automatic. With his wife and his family. Hadn't seen him in a while. And I said, Jim, let me ask you a question, how's Paris doing? Paris? I don't go there anymore. Paris is no longer Paris. That was four years, four, five years hasn't gone there. He wouldn't miss it for anything. No he doesn't even think in terms of going there.

Take a look at what's happening to our world, folks. And we have to be smart. We have to be smart. We can't let it happen to us. So let me state this as clearly as I can, we are going to keep radical Islamic terrorists the hell out of our country.

We will not be deterred from this course, and in a matter of days we will be taking brand new action to protect our people and keep America safe. You will see the action. I will never, ever apologize for protecting the safety and security of the American people. I won't do it. If it means I get bad press, if it means people speak badly of me, it okay, it doesn't bother me.

The security of our people is number one, is number one. Our administration is running with great efficiency, even though I still don't have my cabinet approved. Nobody mentions that. Do you know I still have people out there waiting to be approved. And everyone knows they're going to be approved. It's just a delay, delay, delay. It's really sad. It's really sad. And these are great people. These are some great people.

We still don't have our cabinet. I assume we're setting records for that. That's the only thing good about it, we're setting records. I love set being records. But I hate having a cabinet meeting and I see all these empty seats.

I say Democrats, please, approve our cabinet and get smart on health care, too, if you know me. But we're taking meetings every day with top leaders in business, in science and industry. Yesterday I had 29 of the biggest business leaders in the world in my office. Caterpillar Tractor, Campbell soup, we had everybody. We had everybody. I like Campbell soup. We had everybody. And we came to a lot of very good conclusions and a lot of those folks that are in that room are going to be building big, big massive new plants and lots of jobs. You know what? They're going to be building them in this country and not in some other countries. We're meeting with unions, meeting with law enforcement and leaders from all around the world. They're going to be building them in this country and not in some other countries.

We're meeting with unions, meeting with law enforcement and leaders from all around the world. Where the White House doors — they were closed, folks, you don't realize that, they were closed — they're now wide open and they're open for people doing business for our country and putting people to work. And when they come into the White House, we're translating these meetings into action.

One by one we're checking off the promises we made to the people of the United States. One by one. A lot of promises. And we will not stop until the job is done. We will reduce your taxes, we will cut your regulations, we will support our police, we will defend our flag.

We will rebuild our military. We will take care of our great, great veterans. We're taking care of our veterans. We will fix our broken and embarrassing trade deals that are no good. None of them. You wonder where did the people come from that negotiated these deals? Where did they come from?

Well, they came also from campaign contributions, I must be honest with you. They're not as stupid as you think. We will cut wasteful spending. We will promote our values. We will rebuild our inner cities. We will bring back our jobs and our dreams. So true. So true. And, by the way, we will protect our Second Amendment.

You know, Wayne and Chris are here from the NRA, and they didn't have that on the list. It's lucky I thought about it. But we will indeed. And they're great people. And, by the way, they love our country. They love our country. The NRA has been a great supporter. They love our country.

The forgotten men and women of America will be forgotten no longer. That is the heart of this new movement and the future of the Republican party. People came to vote and these people, the media, they said where are they coming from? What's going on here? These are hardworking, great, great Americans. These are unbelievable people who have not been treated fairly. Hillary called them deplorable. They're not deplorable. Who would have thought that a word was going to play so badly? That's the problem in politics. One wrong word and it's over. She also said irredeemable, but we won't mention that.

The GOP will be from now on the party also of the American worker. You know, we haven't been as a group given credit for this, but if you look at how much bigger our party has gotten during this cycle, during the early days when we had 17 people running, the primaries, millions and millions of people were joining. I won't say it was because of me but it was, okay? And we have an amazing, strong, powerful party that truly does want to see America be great again and it will see it and it's going to see it a lot sooner than you think, believe me.

A lot sooner than you think. We will not answer to donors or lobbyists or special interests, but we will serve the citizens of the United States of America, believe me. Global cooperation, dealing with other countries, getting along with other countries is good. It's very important, but there is no such thing as a global anthem, a global currency or a global flag. This is the United States of America that I'm representing. I'm not representing the globe. I'm representing your country.

There's one allegiance that unites us all, and that is to America. America. It's the allegiance to America. No matter our background or income or geography, we're all citizens of this blessed land, and no matter our color or the blood, color of the blood we bleed, it's the same red blood of great, great patriots. Remember great patriots. We all salute with pride the same American flag and we all are equal, totally equal in the eyes of almighty god. We're equal.

Thank you. And I want to thank, by the way, the evangelical community, the Christian community, communities of faith. Rabbis and priests and pastors, ministers because the support for me was a record, as you know, not only in terms of numbers of people but percentages of those numbers that voted for trump. So I want to thank you folks. It was amazing, an amazing outpouring and I will not disappoint you. As long as we have faith in each other and trust in god, then there is no goal at all beyond our reach.

There is no dream too large, no task too great, we are Americans and the future belongs to us — the future belongs to all of you. And America is coming about, it's and it's coming back and it's roaring and you can hear it. It's going to be bigger and better. It is going to be, it is going to be. Remember. And it's roaring. It's going to be bigger and better and stronger than ever before.

I want to thank you and Matt and Mercedes, I want to thank the two of you, and all of the supporters I have all over the place, you are really great people. I want to thank you. And I want to say to you god bless you and god bless the United States of America.

Thank you, folks. Thank you. Thank you."

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