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Lindsey Bauer

I'm an only child. (just as spoiled and rotten as any other only child)

I grew up in Michigan City, Indiana. (yes, that's in Indiana...NOT Michigan)

My hair is actually naturally's not a perm

Once when I was little,(about 10 years old) I drank a swig of white wine vinegar thinking that it was actually white wine. Eww!

I had NKOTB bed sheets, blanket and dolls. I love them!

I worked as a dog trainer in junior high.

I'm afraid of heights, spiders and clowns.

Hate coconuts, but love a good Pina Colada.

Obsessed with Reality TV. Especially the RealHousewives (of any city) on BRAVO.

Most expensive purchase I ever made? My house. (still regret it)

According to my husband, I snore in my sleep.

Some of the colors in my hair are fake.

My boobs are real.

I'll never pass on chocolate chip cookies and milk.

I'll always stop on a radio station that's playing Maroon 5.

I love to sing in karaoke bars.

COACH brand is my fav handbag brand.

Love to drink dark beer.

My son Marcus is my greatest accomplishment in life. I would love to have more children!

Every time I watch the movie "Terms of Endearment", I call my mom to say "I Love You."

Michael Jordan is my favorite athlete of all time!

Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Sour Cream is the only condiment that I couldn't live without!

In case you forgot, NKOTB is STILL the best boy band ever!

April Hill - News

April Hill grew up in a small town about 80 miles north of Tulsa on Highway 75. At the time, Independence, Kansas, didn’t have shops like Subway and Walmart. Bartlesville was the closest mall. If she needed something special, like a prom dress, she and her mom would drive to Tulsa. For her 16th birthday, her parents brought her to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center to see Les Miserables.

The number of veterans in April’s family is unbelievable considering her family’s small size.  Three members are serving in the current war. Her father served in the Vietnam War and her two grandfathers in World War II. Her ancestors also fought in the Civil War. If you’re a veteran and see her out and about, tap her on the shoulder and say hello.

Another passion is spreading awareness on Morgellons. Her brother suffers from the mysterious condition. She’s proud that the only private researcher looking into the illness is here in Tulsa. Dr. Randy Wymore works out of OSU-Tulsa and April checks in with him periodically.

In April’s off-time, her rescue dog Teeny is always at her side. She likes to spend time with friends and family with a camera in hand.  She also calls herself a habitual re-decorator.

Job Postings

DealSwarm Account Manager

Cox Media Group Tulsa is seeking a talented account manager for Cox Media Group’s DealSwarm in the Tulsa market.  The primary responsibility will be to achieve stated deal goals monthly by identifying merchant needs and matching an attractive offer to DealSwarm subscribers. The person in this role will be the primary client contact and be directly responsible for identifying and securing participation from high potential prospects. Candidates must possess excellent communication skills, have knowledge of negotiation and sales closing techniques, be able to build relationships with new and existing clients, be self motivated and have good computer skills.  Some college and/or degree preferred and marketing and / or sales experience a plus. Valid driver’s license required.  Send resumes:  Cox Media Group - Tulsa, Human Resources, 7136 South Yale, Suite 500, Tulsa, OK 74136.  Fax: (918) 492-6495.  Email:    No Phone Calls.  E.O.E M/F   

  Account Manager

Cox Media Group Tulsa is seeking individuals to complete our talented sales staff.  Cox is looking for candidates in sales to develop new business and to maintain client relationships.  Candidates must be detail oriented and have working knowledge of Word and Excel.  Cox provides excellent training to become more than a salesperson and provides excellent benefits.  Previous broadcast sales experience and marketing experience preferred.  Some college and/or degree preferred. Valid driver’s license required.  Send resumes:  Cox Media Group - Tulsa, Human Resources, 7136 South Yale, Suite 500, Tulsa, OK 74136.  Fax: (918) 492-6495.  Email:  No Phone Calls.  E.O.E M/F  

  Sales Associate


Cox Media Group Tulsa is seeking talented candidates to join our sales associate program.  Duties will be split into administrative support, learning sales systems and procedures and “shadowing” some of the best sales people in town.  You’ll even do some cold calling, sales presentations and more.  Some college and/or degree is preferred and sales and/or marketing experience is a plus.  Cox offers an excellent benefit package. Valid driver’s license required.  Send resumes:  Cox Media Group Tulsa, Human Resources, 7136 South Yale, Suite 500, Tulsa, OK 74136.  Fax: (918) 492-6495.  Email:   No Phone Calls.  E.O.E M/F   

Retro Pop Reunion

Saturday Nights

6PM - 2 AM

 Cabbage Patch Kids, Max Hedroom, Breakfast Club, Madonna, and New Order gave us some of the most unique and fun music in history. RetroPop Reunion is for those who played Pac-Man (or Ms. Pac-Man) and waited to find out who shot JR. The great music from the eighties through the early nineties defines the culture of the video music era. Every week, Joe Cortez features sound bytes from the era's TV and movies, plus clips of news events that made the era's biggest headlines. Plus, every show features a "mini-countdown", looking back at a particular week in one year.   

      Call the show    1-800-423-1-POP (767)       E-Mail your Requests now!

Ray Wilson

Ray's Q & A's:

 Where did you grow up? Right here in Tulsa, OK - I was raised on Tulsa radio!

 Where did you go to high school? East Central & graduated from Rogers State College in Claremore, USA.

 How did you get started in radio? Had to start somewhere! Spinning records at the college radio station in Claremore. I've been doing weekends here on MIX since 1988.

 Favorite food? When I'm really hungry, go for Chinese food or Mario's Pizza.

 Hobbies?   Doing weekends here on MIX.

 Sports?  Every fall, I'm in front of the tube watching college & pro football and I'm a soccer fan.

 Favorite movie of all time:  Raiders of the Lost Ark

 Fav music?  Retro 80's, classic rock and blues. 

Ben Sumner at Night

What's going on this weekend? Looking for something fun to do in Tulsa?

Listen to "Ben Sumner at Night"  weeknights from 7pm-Midnight on MIX96 for the hottest local entertainment news and local happenings. Everything from the Stage to the cage, Sumner makes sure to find a great mix of local events that is sure to have something for everyone!

Do you have a local event you would like Ben Sumner to chat up? Email him at"

Ben Sumner: Bio

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to stop by to read more about me! I began my career in television at age 13 as an intern to KOTV Sports Director Scott Higgins and was hired at age 16. I continued working for the station until I graduated from Edison High School in 2003.

After school I moved to Los Angeles where I worked for Channel One News and the Sharon Osbourne Show. After learning first-hand how a talk show operates, I decided to come home and put my knowledge to work for Tulsans. I hosted a late night talk show called "Up Late with Ben Sumner," that was on the air for four years. I ended the show January 1st of 2010. Keep your eyes open for an all new TV show in the months to come! For my full-time gig I'm a the CEO of Lights On Entertainment, where I oversee and produce TV shows and Promotional spots for clients.  Do you love getting to know your city and what's going on? Then tune-in every weeknight from 7pm-12am, to catch me on the radio. You can also hear my local entertainment reports on

If you would like to learn more about me, feel free to friend me on FaceBook. Or you can email me.

I look forward to seeing you around town!

-Ben Sumner

John Filbeck - Traffic

As a child, when John Filbeck listened to the announcers on the radio stations in the car with his Dad every day, he had one thought - "That's what I want to do."

Filbeck grew up in Sapulpa, attended Sapulpa Public Schools and was an active member of the school’s band program.


After high school, he went to the University of Oklahoma, majored in journalism, and was a member of the Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band. While in college, he got his first broadcast gig, as a storm chaser for civil defense and a few area stations. After school, Filbeck returned to Tulsa to work in radio.

Filbeck is a welcomed contributor to the morning show and whenever his talents are required from reporting traffic to keeping in touch with his first radio thrill, reporting on severe weather in Oklahoma, as one of a storm chasers.


In their spare time, Filbeck and his wife Cindy, enjoy playing their instruments in their church and other area bands. They are active supporters of area high school bands and The Pride of Oklahoma. Filbeck enjoys working in his yard and gardens at home and running out into the storms whenever they arrive.

You can catch John Filbeck's traffic reports whenever you are in your car; during your drive to work, lunch time, and for your drive home with Traffic and Weather.

Bobby Butler - Traffic

Where were you born?

Key West, Florida

Where did you go to high school?

Broken Arrow High School


Spending time with my 2 children, exercising and Judo

Favorite Foods?

Sushi, Lobster, Salmon and Steak

Favorite Movie?

The Thing, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Kick Ass, Kill Bills, True Romance...

Favorite Song?

Baba O'Riley - The Who (although this changes often)

How did you start in this business?

Working overnights for Cox Radio here in Tulsa

Any odd habits?

I'm a candy-holic. Gobstoppers, Mike & Ikes, Lemon-Heads...Sweetarts Gummy Bunnies are AWESOME!

What famous person would you like to meet?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

First car?

1992 Jeep Wrangler

First job?

Stocking shelves at the old Price Mart in Broken Arrow

Favorite memory in this business?

So far...meeting & interviewing Buzz Aldrin at the 2010 Tulsa Air & Space Air Show

E-mail Bobby

Steve Hunter

Steve Hunter 

Weekdays 4p-6p

Steve Hunter was born in Daytona, Florida and spent his early years on Long Island in New York. Then in 1976 he moved to Tulsa. Steve attended Jenks High School (Class of 1985) and attended college at TJC/TCC and the University of Oklahoma.

Steve knew what he wanted to do at an early age, "I knew by age 8 that I wanted to be in radio." His first radio job was at KELI in 1985. After KELI, Steve worked for Magic99, KVOO, The Storm & Kick 99. In 1994, he joined KRAV Mix96. "I grew up listening to FM96 KRAV (Mix96) and getting to be a part of a legendary radio station is a great thrill. This is one of the few "heritage" radio stations in the market and one of the few that hasn't changed formats since 1976. In fact, KRAV was one of the first FM stations in the country and is named after founder and former owner George Kravis."

Steve is also the Operations Manager for Mix96's other Cox Media Group owned radio stations. "We have the best broadcasters, in the business, all working for one GREAT company." Steve also has a son named Adam and a daughter named Kathryn.  Steve has been married to his wife Kelly since 1990. He also serves on the "Friends of the Fairgrounds" Board.

What celebrities you would want to have dinner with and why:Paul McCartney, President Reagan, John Lennon, Stephen Colbert, John Stewart and Sean Hannity.   (Not Charlie Sheen)What's on your IPod right now?Daughtry, Beatles, ELO, Paul McCartney, Tiao Cruz and Katy Perry. How do you spend your personal time?I do enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am lucky to have some of the best friends in the world. The cool part is I work with most of my best friends every day. Weekends and nights are spent with Adam & Kathryn. (Two of the coolest people I know.) I also spend a lot of time listening to the radio and surfing the net. Facebook and Foxnews!   I also love to travel.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what are 3 things you'd HAVE to have?A radio, Cox High Speed Internet (50 meg), Abuelo's Fajitas and Mario's Pizza! (Best NY Style Pizza in Tulsa!)   Bonus Item:  A Starbuck's would also be nice!What is your favorite thing about Tulsa?It is a great city and a great place to raise a family. It is safe and clean. I am very pleased to see some of the progress that we are making. We need to catch up (and pass) Oklahoma City. I am excited about the BOK Center, Hard Rock and the improvements at the fairgrounds.  Now we just need to  fix the streets!!! 

My Favorite Optometrist:  Dr. Robert Zoellner  "Dr.Z. !!"


Favorite Web Sites:  Fox News , Gawker and TMZ 

E-Mail Steve Hunter 

16 items
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