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Posted: October 11, 2011

Psycho Path Haunted Attraction


The woods are shrouded by a blanket of fog. All you can see is the narrow path taking you deeper and deeper into the darkness… where creatures wait behind every twist and turn. Your blood suddenly runs cold - you’ve just realized there’s no turning back. You have no choice but to continue. Can you survive the night? I’m afraid the Psycho Path may be your only way home

The Dark Ride

The Dark Ride begins with a journey through the haunted forest on a dark and mysterious path where you will board your Scareage that will take you on a thrilling haunted adventure that will leave you with a chilling experience as you encounter the ghostly creatures that roam the woods.


Shadow Box

You’re embarking on a journey where you are plunged into the terrors that your mind conjures.  What will YOUR lovely mind do to YOU when you are trapped in a house and haven’t slept for days…..In your sleep deprived mind the lines between delusion and reality become blurred.  As you journey deeper and deeper into the house you are accosted by strange sights and sounds—are they real or are they imaginary?   You’re afraid to move forward, fearful of what might lie in wait in the next room or down the hall. You can’t go back.  You must pass through your fear if you wish to find your way out.  Those things that nightmares are made of hope you don’t!  The delicious taste of your terror feeds them life.

Welcome to Die-lusion

  • General Dark Ride: $15.00
  • General Shadow Box: $10.00
  • General Combo: $20.00
  • General VIP Combo: $35.00, Includes Rage Cage Ticket

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Map to Psycho Path

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