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Posted: January 25, 2012

Four creative ways to get through Valentine’s Day alone


By Amelia Robinson

Dayton Daily News

Valentine’s Day is enough to make some people say “boo.”

Jessica Biel’s character Kara calls it “The happiest holiday of all time,” in the film “Valentine’s Day,” but not everyone has a sweet tooth for V Day and the sappiness that comes along with it.

For some, the cheer, the flowers and even the chocolate candy are for chumps. They consider Cupid stupid or, at the very least, a bad aim.

Some are turned off by the commercialism that infested the holiday.

Even some in relationships are repulsed by the Hallmark-fueled pink-and-red-colored holiday.

They are troubled by the canoodling couples and the 152 million cards Hallmark estimates are sent every year.

In some circles Valentine’s Day is called Singles Awareness Day (SAD). For those of you just trying to get through the day, here are some suggestions:


Gather all the single ladies

Just because you don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Make reservations with a group of friends or throw an Anti-Valentine’s Day bash complete with black balloons, beheaded Cupid cutouts, etc. Rent horror movies — This might be the perfect opportunity to revisit “Carrie” or finally watch “Jennifer’s Body” — or have a bad boyfriend name-burning party in front of the fireplace as you eat s’mores.


Bring food

Chances are some folks at your office could use a chuckle. Bring in Sour Patch Kids or broken heart-shaped cookies to counteract the bowls of heart-shaped lollipops and conversation candy.


Pin a furry friend

Push pins + teddy bear holding a heart = the perfect way to say “I don’t love you.” Put your teddy bear next to your desktop or on your coffee table as a reminder that it is OK that you are not in love.


Hand out note cards

Valentine’s Day fans aren’t the only ones who can pass out cards. Yours don’t have to cost a fortune. All you need is a black sharpy, index cards and a bit of a twisted imagination. Write messages like “Cupid shot me with an arrow and I cut off his wings” and “Happy Monday.” Give them to friends — or whomever.

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