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Infamous ‘Ma Barker house' floats on lake to new home

Engineers floated the historic Ma Barker house on a barge Thursday morning across a Central Florida lake.

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The house was floated two miles across Lake Weir to its new resting place in the Carney Island Recreation and Conservation area in Ocklawaha.

The Marion County home is where Kate "Ma" Barker and her son, Fred, took part in the longest shootout in FBI history in 1935.

Barker ran the "Barker Gang" and rented the house to use as a hideout.

After thousands of bullets were fired in and out of the home, the Barkers were found dead inside.

Marion County Parks and Recreation spokesman Jim Couillard said the process was expected to take about 20 to 30 minutes and the home was anchored "down right in place."

Getting the two-story house across the lake cost upward of $235,000, officials said.

"It's a pretty big deal. It's an icon," said neighbor Ivonne Schlachter said.

Along with moving the building, plans were in motion to restore the home and open it to visitors, who will be able to see the original bullet holes in the furniture and walls from the four-hour shootout.

"It's pretty neat," Ocala resident Jeray Norman said. "There's a lot of our history that's being destroyed and (the house) just seems to be falling down and the fact that they are willing to take the time to move this house, I like it. It's pretty cool the fact that they are trying to preserve a little bit of local history."

Ocala contractor Paul Stentiford of Stentiford Construction Services said the total weight of the barges, the house and the loader was 188 tons, and only eight crew members were used to guide the home to shore.

Stentiford said it took two weeks and three days to get the home from its original site and onto the barges. The house was moved with the original furniture, minus one china cabinet, inside.

"Everything is just like it stopped in time, and it's neat to have our hands in the mix and be a part of it," Stentiford said.

Crews overcame the largest hurdle of getting the home to the shore. They're building a bridge to get it onto the foundation, and after that the restoration begins.

Crews said that moving it on water was the cheapest option and the most practical.

If done on land they would have had to cut down low-hanging oak trees and move power lines.

Olympic champion Michael Phelps married girlfriend in June

Swimmer Michael Phelps is synonymous with Olympic gold. He earned five gold medals and a silver during the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

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Phelps apparently also grabbed more gold this summer — a wedding ring.

People magazine reported that Phelps and his girlfriend Nicole Johnson are now married. The couple announced their engagement in February 2015.

TMZ obtained a copy of the couple’s marriage record. It shows that they applied for the license on June 9 and were married June 13 in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Phelps' agent, Peter Carlisle, was listed as the person who performed the ceremony, People reported.

Nebraska couple creates Halloween light show to honor Cubs

The excitement over the Cubs reaching the World Series for the first time since 1945 has reached a fever pitch, and a sellout crowd is expected when Wrigley Field hosts Game 3 on Friday night.

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Already, television ratings for the first two games are the highest since 2009, CBS Sports reported.

While Cubs fans in the Chicago area have shown plenty of love for their team, a Nebraska couple decided to mix Halloween with the World Series.

Sabrina Faire and her husband created a Halloween-themed light show that goes along with the Cubs fight song, “Go, Cubs, Go,” WGN-TV reported.

“We have a Halloween light show on our house every year and since this year the Cubs are in the World Series, we decided to do a special song just for them,” the couple said on their YouTube channel page.

This isn’t the first time the couple has created a Halloween light show. For the last few years they have created light shows and uploaded them to their YouTube channel.

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Jury awards more than $70M to California woman in baby powder lawsuit

A St. Louis jury on Thursday awarded a California woman more than $70 million in her lawsuit alleging that years of using Johnson & Johnson's baby powder caused her cancer, The Associated Press reported.

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The decision by the jury in the St. Louis Circuit Court case ended the trial that began Sept. 26 in the case brought by Deborah Giannecchini of Modesto, California. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. The suit accused Johnson & Johnson of "negligent conduct" in making and marketing its baby powder.

It is the third jury to award damages over claims that are the basis of about 2,000 pending state and federal lawsuits, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

"We are pleased the jury did the right thing. They once again reaffirmed the need for Johnson & Johnson to warn the public of the ovarian cancer risk associated with its product," Jim Onder, an attorney for the plaintiff, told the AP.

"We deeply sympathize with the women and families impacted by ovarian cancer," Carol Goodrich, a spokeswoman with Johnson & Johnson, said in a statement. "We will appeal today's verdict because we are guided by the science, which supports the safety of Johnson's Baby Powder."

Johnson & Johnson is accused by more than 1,200 plaintiffs in state and federal courts of ignoring studies linking its Shower-to-Shower product and Johnson’s Baby Powder to ovarian cancer, the Post-Dispatch reported. A St. Louis jury on Monday ordered the company to pay $55 million to a survivor of the disease in South Dakota. In February, another local jury awarded $72 million to relatives of an Alabama woman who died of ovarian cancer.

Two other cases in New Jersey were thrown out by a judge who said there wasn't reliable evidence that talc leads to ovarian cancer, an often fatal but relatively rare form of cancer. Ovarian cancer accounts for about 22,000 of the 1.7 million new cases of cancer expected to be diagnosed in the U.S. this year.

Much research has found no link or a weak one between ovarian cancer and using baby powder for feminine hygiene, and most major health groups have declared talc harmless. Johnson & Johnson, whose baby powder dominates the market, maintains it's perfectly safe.

But Jim Onder of the Onder Law Firm in suburban St. Louis, which represented plaintiffs in all three St. Louis cases, cited other research that began connecting talcum powder to ovarian cancer in the 1970s. He said case studies have indicated that women who regularly use talc on their genitals face up to a 40 percent higher risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Onder has accused Johnson & Johnson of marketing toward overweight women, blacks and Hispanics — the very same women most at-risk for ovarian cancer, he said.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies genital use of talc as "possibly carcinogenic." The National Toxicology Program, made up of parts of several different government agencies, has not fully reviewed talc.

Talc is a mineral that is mined from deposits around the world, including the U.S. The softest of minerals, it's crushed into a white powder. It's been widely used in cosmetics and other personal care products to absorb moisture since at least 1894, when Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder was launched. But it's mainly used in a variety of other products, including paint and plastics.

The two St. Louis verdicts were the first talcum powder cases in which money was awarded. A federal jury in 2013 sided with another South Dakota woman, but it ordered no damages, a spokeswoman for Onder's firm said.

Sen. Mark Kirk questions opponent’s American heritage during Illinois debate

Sen. Mark Kirk’s one-line comeback about his opponent’s mixed-race heritage was met by an awkward silence during Thursday night’s debate in Springfield, Illinois.

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Kirk, the incumbent U.S. Senator from Illinois, was engaged in the second of three debates with Rep. Tammy Duckworth, a U.S. Army veteran who lost both of her legs in the Iraqi war, the Chicago Tribune reported. Duckworth, who was born in Thailand, is the daughter of a United States marine and a Thai-Chinese mother.

During the debate, the discussion turned to the military and Duckworth, a Democrat who is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, discussed her family’s record of military service.

“My family has served this nation in uniform going back to the Revolution,” Duckworth said. “I’m a daughter of the American Revolution. I’ve bled for this nation.”

When it was his turn to respond in a 30-second rebuttal, Kirk said that he “had forgotten that your parents came all the way from Thailand to serve George Washington.”

Duckworth took a drink of water. An awkward silence followed before the moderator announced they were moving on to the next question. The Washington Post reported that a panelist gave Duckworth time to respond by detailing her family history — including the fact that the Daughters of the American Revolution erected a statue of her in Mount Vernon, Ill.

Duckworth responded that “There's been members of my family serving on my father's side since the American Revolution,” the Tribune reported. She said she was “proud of both my father's side and my mother's side as an immigrant.”

Kirk's comment drew quick national attention. The left-wing publication Mother Jones called it a “bizarre and offensive quip.”

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee quickly condemned the comment as racist. "Senator Mark Kirk’s attack on Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth’s family tonight was offensive, wrong, and racist,” spokeswoman Lara Sisselman said in a statement. 

During the first joint appearance on Oct. 3 before the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board, Kirk gave short answers and did not engage with his opponent, the newspaper reported. On Thursday night, the Republican went after Duckworth on a variety of issues ranging from homeland security, military policy and college affordability. 

A statement issued by Kirk campaign spokeswoman Eleni Demertzis did not include an apology from the senator or any claim that Duckworth has misrepresented her family heritage.

“Sen. Kirk has consistently called Rep. Duckworth a war hero and honors her family’s service to this country,” Demertzis said. “But that’s not what this debate was about. Rep. Duckworth lied about her legal troubles, was unable to defend her failures at the VA and then falsely attacked Sen. Kirk over his record on supporting gay rights.”

Indians fan digs professor's response after skipping class for World Series

Charlie Winovich is a rabid Cleveland Indians fan who had a dream come true this week. Not only was his beloved baseball team in the World Series for the first time since 1997, he also had tickets to Game 1 of the Fall Classic, thanks to his father who bought a pair for Charlie and his brother.

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The snag for the Ohio University student was that he had class Tuesday night.

That didn’t stop Winovich. The student checked into class, gave his homework to another student to turn in and then quietly slipped away to attend the game at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Fox Sports reported.

When Charlie’s professor, R. Damian Nance, took attendance at the end of class, the student naturally was not there. Charlie then received an email from Nance, a distinguished professor of geological sciences who said he had "zero tolerance" for such absences.

Charlie responded with the truth. “I’ll be completely honest,” he wrote. “I came and swiped and gave a kid next to me my homework because my dad got us tickets to the World Series in Cleveland. I’m sorry I didn’t want to miss the attendance and I did the homework. I understand if you have repercussions.”

Winovich then attached a photo of himself and his brother at the game.

Damian’s response was one any geological sciences student could dig.

“Charlie. That looks like an impeccable excuse,” he wrote. “No repercussions. Go Tribe!”

Winovich posted a screen shot of the email exchange. He and his brother Will were rewarded by the home team, as the Indians won Game 1 6-0 against the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland pitcher Corey Kluber pitched a masterful game — nine strikeouts in six-plus innings.

“It was me and my little brother and probably the closest time we’ll ever share together,” Winovich told CBS News. “I can’t even explain to you what this past year has been like for your everyday Cleveland fan. It’s surreal.”

It was even more special to get the tickets as a present from his dad, a quadriplegic who has been living with Lou Gehrig’s disease for the past 12 years. 

Winovich’s grandfather had season tickets that he planned on selling so Winovich’s dad could get a better wheelchair, CBS News reported. But his dad refused, and instead, insisted that Charlie and Will go to the game.

“Whatever the (repercussions were going to be), it was worth it to make it to a World Series game,” Winovich told CBS News, adding that it was his first — and perhaps last — World Series game ever. “No matter what the case, if you are a Clevelander and something big is going to happen, we will be there to support our own.”

Nance’s email was flooded with well-wishers because of his response to Winovich, the student-run Post Athens of Ohio University reported.

“I realized I had become twitter famous at 5:40 a.m. this morning when I got a text from my son Christopher in Barcelona, Spain,” Nance said in an email to the newspaper.

Mother hit and killed by car at school bus stop, deputies say

Deputies and state troopers were investigating after a woman was struck and killed by a vehicle near a school bus stop in Union County, North Carolina, early Thursday morning.

Family members identified Hanna Gosney, 46, as the woman killed. She was a mother of five children and grandmother of six grandchildren.

Officials said that around 6:45 a.m. Gosney was dropping off her 6-year-old son and 11-year-old step-granddaughter at a school bus stop on State Line Road, near Highway 601 and the North Carolina-South Carolina state line.

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Family members said that Gosney would drop the children off at the bus stop every morning.

Officials said the children got on the bus and that the bus pulled away but then stopped a few feet later when the driver realized the 6-year-old boy was not sitting down. Troopers said he was arguing with another child over their assigned seats.

Gosney was on the other side of the road when she noticed that the bus had stopped. Investigators said Gosney became alarmed and tried to speak to the bus driver about what was going on. The driver apparently opened the main doors to speak with Gosney but they could not hear each other.

That's when Gosney stepped into the road, and investigators said she was standing in the middle of the road when she was hit by a vehicle heading west.

Gosney was pronounced dead at the scene.

"I didn't believe it until I got here and I seen her laying in the ground and they had to put her in an ambulance," said Gosney's daughter, Jessica Rice.

James Knotts is the father of Gosney's son, who was on the bus. He got the tragic news at work.

"Police came to my job telling me I need to go home, that there's been a pedestrian hit at my house," Knotts said.

Officials said the bus did not have its flashing stop signal lights on when the collision happened.

The driver of the car that hit Gosney was identified as 30-year-old Debra Burr, an assistant teacher at another school in the county who was on her way to work.

Officials said that she was not exceeding the speed limit and that no charges would be filed against her.

School officials said the bus was headed to Union Elementary School and had nine other students on board at the time.

Those students were taken to school and counselors were being made available to them.

Family members said that Gosney was a dedicated mother who would do anything for her children.

WSOC-TV spoke with Gosney’s twin sister, Lynda Harmon, who was trying to stay strong during such a difficult morning.

“She passed -- I can't do this, I'm sorry,” Harmon said. “How do you say goodbye to somebody? How do you do it?”

WSOC-TV asked school offiicals about the bus driver stopping in the road with no lights on, opening the door and talking to someone on the side of the road. The district said it's part of an investigation the school transportation department is doing, but the bus driver is working and there are no personnel issues.

Burger King dresses as ghost of McDonald's for Halloween

There's nothing like some Halloween cheer to spice up a fast food restaurant rivalry.

Burger King and McDonald's have been competitors for decades, but BK's prank take things a bit further.

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Mashable reported that, in a new promotional video posted to YouTube, a Burger King restaurant and accompanying sign are seen covered in white cloth with two holes and yellow  eyebrows reminiscent of the iconic McDonald's arches.

The Queens, New York, location of the restaurant also has a sign that said, "Boooooo. Just kidding. We still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween."


Whether or not McDonald's will respond isn't clear. If the past is any indication, though, it will not.

When Burger King challenged McDonald's to team up to combine their signature burgers -- the Whopper and Big Mac, respectively -- in 2015, McDonald's CEO Steve Easterbrook declined the offer in a Facebook post, saying, "We love the intention but think our two brands could do something bigger to make a difference. ... (L)et's acknowledge that between us there is simply a friendly business competition and certainly not the unequaled circumstances of the real pain and suffering of war. ... P.S.: A simple phone call will do next time."

Photos: Florida deputies save pit bulls left on road

Two stranded and injured pit bulls are in good hands thanks to two Orange County deputies.

The deputies found the pit bills Thursday morning in the middle of the road. One had been injured and both appeared frightened, deputies said.

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A passerby, only identified as Adam, saw the deputies tending to the animals and snapped some photos.

Adam sent the pictures to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office with a note saying, "The deputies stood by with the dogs until Animal Services arrived, and they even applied gauze to the injured dog's leg to stop the heavy bleeding. These pictures I took depict a loving nature from our deputies and will tug at any animal lover's heart strings. Thank you."

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office posted the pictures on its Facebook page.

OCSO in Action:Our deputies serve and protect the most vulnerable in our society, and often that includes...Posted by Orange County Sheriff's Office, Florida on Thursday, October 27, 2016

The dogs are now at Orange County Animal Services where they are comfortable and being cared for, deputies said. 

Police: Mother stabs her son then drops him off at school

Police said a mother stabbed her own teenage son Thursday morning outside a Memphis, Tennessee, high school. 

The Memphis Police Department said Toni Coleman pulled a pocketknife and stabbed her 16-year-old son around 7:30 a.m. 

Police said the victim told them his mom stabbed him in the leg a few miles from Ridgeway High School. He also told them his mother was driving him, his brother, and his sister when he got into an argument with her. 

MPD said that Coleman proceeded to drop her son off at school after stabbing him. 

The teen was taken to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital in non-critical condition. 

Toni Coleman,41, was charged with aggravated assault. 

According to a Shelby County Schools spokesperson, the stabbing did not occur on the school's property, but officers were called to the school to investigate an incident that happened nearby. 

Homecoming queen gives up crown for classmate

Hundreds of people at a Powder Springs, Georgia, high school football game witnessed a moment between classmates that's being called beautiful.

McEachern High School held its homecoming game Friday night.

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During half-time, members of the homecoming court marched out on the field to find out who would be crowned queen.

Tyersten Kimber, a special education student, and captain of the “Mighty Indian” cheerleading squad was one of the students selected for homecoming court.

“As we anxiously awaited the crowning of queen, something beautiful happened,” said Krissy West, a speech language pathologist and one of the cheerleading coaches at McEachern.

Senior Kyla Chang was announced as the homecoming queen, but without hesitation, she immediately gave her crown to Kimber.

West says that the girls on the court had decided beforehand that regardless of who won, they would give their crown to Kimber because they felt she deserved to be queen.

Kimber’s mother said she never thought this would happen in a million years, but she is so proud of her daughter.

Tyersten was born just shy of 26 weeks, weighing 1 pound and 11 ounces. She spent 14 months in the NICU, her mother said. 

Her biological mother felt she was unable to care for her due to her medical issues and gave her up for adoption. 

Mary Kimber worked at the hospital and brought her husband to see Tyersten. She sat in his lap, grabbed his finger and "the rest is history," Mary Kimber said. 

Trial set for 14-year-old charged with pizza driver's murder

The 14-year-old boy charged in an Atlanta-area pizza delivery driver's March murder is scheduled to stand trial next week. 

The Gwinnett County District Attorney's Office announced Thursday that the trial for Reginald Lofton, who has been charged as an adult, is set to begin Monday. The 14-year-old is facing charges of murder, felony murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault in connection with the March 1 shooting death of 28-year-old Shane Varnadore. 

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According to police, Lofton and 21-year-old co-defendant Jermaine Young robbed and shot Varnadore, a Papa John's delivery driver, outside an apartment complex on Lawrenceville's Herrington Road. 

During a previous hearing, a detective testified that Lofton and Young had blamed each other for pulling the trigger. The detective also testified that, during the execution of a search warrant at the suspects' apartment, authorities found the murder weapon hidden inside a box of pancake mix. 

Investigators also believe that, just hours before the shooting, Lofton and Young posted photos on Facebook that showed them posing with the same weapon used to kill Varnadore. 

Those photos were shown in court.

The trial scheduled next week is only for Lofton. It was unclear Thursday if a separate trial had been scheduled for Young.

In March, the alleged victim's mother, Teresa Varnadore, told Channel 2 Action News that her son was "just out there trying to make a living" when he was killed. 

"It just doesn’t make any sense," she said at the time. "I know my son. He would have given it to them willingly."

Pence campaign plane slides off runway at New York City airport

No one was injured when the plane carrying Republican VP candidate Mike Pence slid off the runway at LaGuardia Airport in NYC according to The Associated Press.

The plane made a rough impact when it landed. The pilot slammed on the brakes and travelers could smell burning rubber.

Pence says mud splashed on the front windows of the cockpit.

According to ABC News, Pence's plane had been grounded for an hour at Ft. Dodge Regional Airport in Iowa by LaGuardia Airport.

Passengers, including Pence, were evacuated through the back of the plane.

The LaGuardia airport was closed following the incident.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Woman who ratted out bodega cat on Yelp draws angry response

Bodegas, neighborhood stores where residents can stock up on basic goods and grab a sandwich or a six-pack of beer, are an integral part of the living in New York City experience. And with bodegas, come bodega cats.

While bodega cats have garnered the attention of hipsters, even scoring their own Instagram account, the reason for the cats’ presence is more about their hunting capabilities and less about their adorable factor. New York City has a vermin problem, and cats offer natural protection.

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A photo posted by Bodega Cats (@bodegacatsofinstagram) on Oct 11, 2016 at 4:54am PDT

Unfortunately for Yelp user Diane D., she was not aware of the high regard, or at least tolerance, that many New Yorkers have for bodega cats. She wrote a one-star review for SK Deli Market in the East Village, including a photo of a black and white cat lounging atop of display of cases of beer.  Diane D. wrote in part, “To my dismay, there was a cat perched upon some cases of Budweiser in the middle of the store! Besides being allergic to cats, I wonder what the health code says about this?” The review was later pulled, but not before angry users screen-grabbed it and circulated it on social media.

Fans of the bodega and bodega cats in general immediately slammed the woman for her review, pointing out that without the shop cats, there would be a lot more rats, which is also a public health issue.

According to Mashable, having a cat in a shop in New York City could result in a fine, but a shop could also be fined if rat droppings are found on the premises.

Report: Mariah Carey and billionaire fiance are 'trying to work out' relationship

Mariah Carey may or may not be getting married.

Although the singer is still in the process of divorcing actor Nick Cannon, she's currently engaged to billionaire James Packer, who she reportedly started dating in June 2015.

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Like many celebrity couples, they've been plagued by breakup rumors, and a representative for Carey is reportedly speaking out.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Carey's representative said Carey has not seen Packer since they had a fight last month while vacationing in Greece.

"The fight was not because of any cheating allegations, or excessive spending by Mariah," the rep said, adding that she and Packer, "one of the most successful businessmen in the world," are "trying to work it out."

"Right now, they’re not sure if they will stay together."

People reported that a possible source of disagreement between the couple is over Mariah's E! reality show "Mariah's World," which airs in December.

Cannon and Carey, parents to 5-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, were married for six years before Cannon filed for divorce in 2014.

ET reported that Carey and Packer "plan to release an official statement after they've determined their future," citing Carey's rep.

Justin Timberlake warns others not to take ballot selfies

With less than two weeks until Election Day, celebrities and everyday citizens alike are heading to polls for early voting.

Singer Justin Timberlake was one of those people, but he didn't vote without controversy.

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Timberlake, who is based in Los Angeles but has a home in Tennessee, voted early in Shelby County Monday and took a ballot selfie, posting it to Instagram.

But in Tennessee, taking a photo or video inside a polling location is illegal.

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The selfie led the Shelby County District Attorney's Office in Tennessee to issue a statement that the incident was "under review," but USA Today reported that the Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich issued a statement through her communications director Vince Higgins that said otherwise:

"The statement released earlier (Tuesday) by my office regarding Justin Timberlake and an investigation was incorrect and was released without my knowledge,” Weirich said. "No one in our office is currently investigating this matter nor will we be using our limited resources to do so."

But Timberlake has learned his lesson regardless, and has since deleted the Instagram photo. On Wednesday, he spoke to Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show" about it while promoting his new Netflix concert film.

"I recently voted, but super quiet," Timberlake deadpanned. "Under the radar... No one even knew."

"Do you have any advice for anyone?" Fallon asked.

"Get out and vote, but don't take a picture of yourself in there," he said. "I had no idea! I was like, 'This is going to be great and inspire people to vote.' Then it was like, womp womp womp."

Watch the interview below:

Authorities: Topless selfie causes woman to crash into parked police car

Call it a crime of passion.

Miranda Kay Rader, a 20-year-old Texas A&M student, was arrested in Bryan on Wednesday after she ran her car into a parked police vehicle all while topless and attempting to send a Snapchat to her boyfriend, the Bryan-College Station Eagle reports.

It was about 8:30 p.m. when Rader crashed her SUV into a Bryan police officer's parked patrol vehicle. The officer, who had been at the scene to investigate a disturbance found Rader with her bra unfastened and trying to put on her shirt, according to a police report cited by the Eagle.

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Rader told the officer she had been at a red light when she was at a red light when she began sending the Snapchat to her boyfriend. She told the officer she had been headed back to her dorm at Texas A&M, where she is listed as a freshman engineering student.

Police found a opened bottle of wine and Rader failed portions of a field sobriety test, the Eagle reported. She was charged with driving while intoxicated and as a minor in possession of alcohol. She was released from the Brazos County Jail on Thursday morning, according to the report. 

Dozens of sheriff’s deputies, FBI agents raid wrong Florida home

A Florida homeowner got a terrifying surprise early Thursday, when about 40 sheriff's deputies and FBI agents crashed, guns drawn, through his doors and windows, only to realize they had the wrong house.

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The raid happened at about 5:30 a.m., and homeowner Oscar Capps said he tried to tell the agents and Orange County sheriff's deputies that the man they wanted was next door.

"They told me they had it as my address, that they had a federal warrant to go inside my house, and I told them, 'I'll let you in. I don't have a problem letting you in,'" he told WFTV.

For hours, authorities searched Capps' home, and all the while he continued to tell them they had the wrong address.

Eventually, the agents and deputies turned their investigation to the home next to Capps', but the damage done to his home and the emotional damage done to him and his 7-year-old son was already done, he said.

To make things worse, the law enforcement agencies only promised to do the bare minimum to repair his home, Capps said.

"They are saying there is nothing they are going to do for me," he said. "They are going to send somebody out to board up the windows and put a door on. So where do I go from here?"

Law enforcement agencies involved in the raid have not released information on what they had been looking for.

Survey: The most dangerous stretch of interstate is in Florida

A new study by Everdrive said a stretch of Interstate 4 from Daytona Beach to Tampa is the most dangerous interstate in the country.

Drivers told WFTV that they are not surprised.

“Of course, it is. I don't even go there anymore,” said driver Lourdes Lesnikoski.

“It's a more dangerous environment, of course,” said driver Andrew Hyder.

Everdrive developed an app that can tell when users drive while on their cellphones, or when they get into crashes.

READ: EverDrive survey

The company used data from the Highway Traffic Safety Administration's fatality analysis report.

The report studied traffic deaths on interstates from 2010 to 2015.

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More than one life was lost per mile during the last six years along the 132-mile stretch of the interstate.

The survey showed that drivers have become more distracted by not only cellphones, but also entertainment systems in their cars.

“You see people texting. You see people driving too fast. Stuff like that,” said Hyder. "There's always accidents. You're always having to slam on the brakes. If you're not paying attention, you could run into someone pretty easily.”

According to the survey, “The highway connects from I-275 to I-95 and has had 1.41 fatalities per mile in the past six years, making it the most dangerous interstate in the United States. The highway has also been in the top 10 most dangerous interstates for the past six years.”

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