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Posted: November 01, 2013

Was Biden almost dumped for Clinton?



Political junkies are already talking about the 2016 presidential election, but a new book is taking readers back to 2012. “Double Down” claims back then, President Obama’s staff was shopping around for a different VP.

Joe Biden, of course, has been the president’s sidekick since they were sworn in in 2009. But in late 2011, Obama’s staff was reportedly looking at the possibility of dropping Biden in favor of another running mate. (Via C-SPAN)

And that other running mate — according to the book — was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. (Via WDIV)

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The New York Times came out with the first report Thursday after getting a copy of the book from someone in the publishing industry.

And while the Times article quotes former Obama Chief of Staff Bill Daley as calling the exploration “due diligence” — on Friday he clarified it had never been a serious conversation, and called reports of a possible swap “overhype.” (Via CBS)

In any case, according to the book, the staff decided replacing Biden with Clinton wouldn’t make enough of a change for the election.

The Times summarized the apparently less than favorable view of the former Delaware Senator.

“Mr. Biden … is viewed warily by Mr. Obama’s circle not only for being a gaffe-prone ‘Uncle Joe,’ but also for, in their minds, being overly consumed with his own political future.”

 But the book says staff members weren’t looking around for another vice president because they didn’t like Biden. They say it was all about wanting to improve Obama’s chances at reelection. (Via CNN)

 The book also claims Mitt Romney almost chose to run with Chris Christie but decided against it because of “potential land mines” which could have hurt his campaign. (Via WNBC)

 “Double Down” is expected to go on sale next week.

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