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Posted: February 17, 2014

Exclusive interview with Tulsa's 'Tower Guy'

Two and a half years after he gained national attention by defying police and the elements for six days atop a tower in Tulsa, he finally explains


AUDIO: Exclusive interview with William Sturdivant II, Tulsa's
Police standoff with a man on the broadcast tower near 27th and Memorial, Tulsa, OK | Aug. 12, 2011

By Russell Mills



For six days and night, without food or water, the man who became known as Tulsa's "Tower Guy" held police and rescuers at bay, capturing the attention of the nation and fueling speculation about what led him to climb that tower, and why he wouldn't come down.

It turns out that William Sturdivant II was a very troubled young man, who was dealing with serious mental illness, including schizophrenia.

He had a meltdown after going off his medications and traveling to Dallas to see his young child.

He walked all the way back to Tulsa, sleeping beside the road, hoping someone would give him some food.

>>Listen to the full audio from KRMG'S exclusive interview with William Sturdivant

Why did he climb that tower?

Finally, Sturdivant has decided to explain what happened.

"I just needed to get away," he said. "I felt like the world was coming to get me. Like people wanted to kill me, everybody was out to get me."

Up there, he said, he felt safe -- though he admits, he doesn't remember much of the ordeal.

But he does remember deciding to come down.

"I was getting weak," he says. And no, he never planned to jump - this was no abortive suicide attempt.

In his exclusive interview with KRMG, you'll hear about his mental illness, the events surrounding that time, his struggles in jail and his hopes for the future.

>> Read a blog about how KRMG managed to connect with William HERE.

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