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Posted: October 15, 2013

School janitor bribes students to beat up classmate for $1




A janitor at a Michigan public school lost her job after reportedly offering two fourth graders a dollar to beat up one of their classmates.

According to a spokesperson for Campus Elementary in Grand Rapids, the janitor said the student swore at her, and she bribed the other two children to “rough him up.” (Via WRIC)

Other students and a teacher say they overheard the unidentified janitor proposing her offer to the students and told the principal. Once she was confronted, the janitor reportedly admitted to everything.

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“It does just make you shake your head and scratch your head and go, ‘Just when you thought you heard it all, then there’s this.’” (Via KSDK)

School officials say the janitor’s plan was never carried out, but the targeted student’s mother says otherwise.

She decided to remain anonymous, but still told WOOD the students followed through on their deal with the janitor to beat up her son.

“I don’t know what kind of woman I’m dealing with. It’s a little sick and twisted to me to get enjoyment out of making a group of kids beat up a little kid you don’t like.” (Via WTOL)

According to the Grand Rapids Press, the district hasn’t confirmed that any bullying occurred, but a spokesperson says, “It’s still an ongoing investigation.”

The student’s mother says she’s considering a lawsuit against the janitor. Grand Rapids police are currently looking into the case as well.

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