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Posted: March 17, 2014

Teen hosts wild party that sent 5 to hospital; father says he was asleep


WFTV - Orlando


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Authorities said five teenagers were transported to the hospital from a packed party in Central Florida late Friday night.

Deputies in Winter Park said when they arrived at the home close to 100 teenagers were inside, and the teenagers that were taken to the hospital were between 15 and 17 years old.

Steve Miller, whose daughter hosted the party, said he was sleeping during the party.

Miller’s 16-year-old daughter wound up in  the hospital.

“If my daughter told me they were going to have alcohol I wouldn’t have permitted it,” Miller said. “I didn’t see any drugs.”

The teens told police they didn’t know alcohol would be at the party and no adults were there as deputies arrived.

“We found five teenagers who appeared to have overdosed on alcohol and we are not sure of what type of drug right now,” said Lt. Paul Hopkins with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

They said there were two that were transported in critical condition and they said some of the teens were mixing the anti-anxiety drug Xanex with alcohol.

Neighbors said they saw teenagers being put on gurneys and said many people bolted from the party when deputies arrived.

“This is a nice neighborhood. It is weird to see this happen,” said neighbor Ignacio Burneo. “I saw a few teenagers being pulled out in ambulances.”

Narcotics detectives also tested for synthetic drug use using instant test kits.

Early results came back negative.

“I don’t know what Molly is. The police were saying that and I’m going, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about,’” Miller said.

A case worker with the Department of Children and Families was called in to investigate but at this point none of Miller’s children will be removed.

“I’ve got six children. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt anyone’s children,” Miller said.

No charges have been filed and all of the teenagers are expected to be OK.