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Posted: October 25, 2013

Online university awards MBA to a dog

Vibrantspirit via Wikimedia Commons



Available for hire; Peter Smith. Mr. Smith has 15 years of business experience and is a recent MBA graduate from an "outstanding" online university with "exacting standards."

There's one thing, though, potential employers should know; "Pete" is actually a dog. 

According to the BBC, Pete was awarded an MBA from the American University of London even though the graduate was a completely made-up person created by the news organization.

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The BBC news program Newsnight created a one-page resume for "Mr. Smith" listing 15 years of made-up work experience and a fake undergraduate degree from a British university.

The application was accepted for enrollment just four days later.

The university, based in St. Kitts and Nevis in the Caribbean, then sent an email stating that once its fee of approximately $7,300 had been paid, a degree would be awarded days later.

The BBC reports no course work had to be completed to receive the prestigious degree.

University officials, and many of the school's graduates contacted by the BBC, insist it runs a robust academic program with tough standards. 

The BBC investigation found "hundreds of senior executives" in corporations around the world who have received degrees from the university.

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