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Posted: July 09, 2012

Lindsey Bauer


I'm an only child. (just as spoiled and rotten as any other only child)

I grew up in Michigan City, Indiana. (yes, that's in Indiana...NOT Michigan)

My hair is actually naturally's not a perm

Once when I was little,(about 10 years old) I drank a swig of white wine vinegar thinking that it was actually white wine. Eww!

I had NKOTB bed sheets, blanket and dolls. I love them!

I worked as a dog trainer in junior high.

I'm afraid of heights, spiders and clowns.

Hate coconuts, but love a good Pina Colada.

Obsessed with Reality TV. Especially the RealHousewives (of any city) on BRAVO.

Most expensive purchase I ever made? My house. (still regret it)

According to my husband, I snore in my sleep.

Some of the colors in my hair are fake.

My boobs are real.

I'll never pass on chocolate chip cookies and milk.

I'll always stop on a radio station that's playing Maroon 5.

I love to sing in karaoke bars.

COACH brand is my fav handbag brand.

Love to drink dark beer.

My son Marcus is my greatest accomplishment in life. I would love to have more children!

Every time I watch the movie "Terms of Endearment", I call my mom to say "I Love You."

Michael Jordan is my favorite athlete of all time!

Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Sour Cream is the only condiment that I couldn't live without!

In case you forgot, NKOTB is STILL the best boy band ever!

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